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How Ellis can work with you 

Ellis is passionate about tackling inequality, with a specific interest in social justice, education and working with young people. They bring an inclusive, energetic, community based, and ambitious approach to everything they do. They're comfortable in the uncomfortable and specialise in holding space to facilitate those difficult but essential conversations that are needed for growth, learning and change. They are constantly developing their anti-oppressive practice, improving both their awareness and the awareness of those they work with, and building their emotional awareness to both challenge and educate. They have 15 years of experience across the voluntary and public sector. They are a facilitative leader with experience of turning around under-performing projects, setting clear goals and systematically reporting on progress. They bring people together to create a supportive and inclusive organisational culture, working across diverse teams in challenging environments.


Having difficult conversations in your team? Wanting to go deeper in discussions about equality? Need support to develop a strategy for your team?  Do you want a facilitator that can hold your group in the complexity of the work and also support them to come into awareness. 

Training in worldwork Ellis is interested in how do we bring awareness to everything that is happening in the world and have conversations that work at all levels. Ellis can facilitate your difficult team conversations or help you have conversations about challenging equalities issues.


Wanting to learn more about Gender Diversity? Looking to understand more about your own gender? Unsure how to support gender diverse people?

In 2020 Ellis co-founded Beyond the Box alongside Rowan Hyde  a fellow Processwork trainee. Beyond the Box is a facilitation collective dedicated to providing education and training around gender, sexuality and relationship diversity. This builds on their experience  designing and running training programmes for 15 years. They have run trustee training, equality and diversity training and development programmes for Student Union officers.


Looking to celebrate your transition? Want to celebrate your relationships? Looking to honor your new family? Want to celebrate your new name? 

Ellis is passionate about helping people to celebrate significant moments in their lives. At the moment Ellis is developing in their practice as a naming celebrant, particularly focusing on naming celebrations for the trans community building on their experience of organising their own ceremony.

Trainee Psychotherapist

Do you want to explore areas of your life, or bring more awareness to how you show up in the world? I specialise in working with Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity. I take an approach that supports you from where you are and encourages what is emerging in you to come into the world. 

I am an advanced Processwork UK student and a trainee psychotherapist with UKCP. I offer sessions on a sliding scale for individuals and those in relationships. 

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Who is Ellis?

Ellis (they/them) is interested in how to enable people to be their most authentic selves and have the difficult conversations that are needed to create a more equitable world. Ellis takes a structural approach that looks at what are the structural influences affecting individuals.  As a trainee psychotherapist, facilitator and celebrant they believe all of these roles come together to celebrate people.

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