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Help - I don't understand Gender Diversity

The topic of gender diversity can seem like there's a lot to know and people often have a fear of getting it wrong.

With a bit of support people can find that they have the skills and tools to be able to support, friends, family and colleagues who are gender diverse.

Top tips

  1. Research - If you're not sure of things go aware and research them, some good trans organisations are

  2. Ask - If you don't know what people's pronouns are then ask them, or if you don't know what to do to support them, then ask what would help

  3. Be an ally - where you see someone that isn't being supported then step in and support them in that situation.

We've put together a workshop that will support you to understand, what is gender diversity, how is gender bio-psycho-social and how can you support people who are gender diverse.

Sign up here

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